UCL School of Pharmacy


Professor Andreas G. Schätzlein

Professor of Translational Therapeutics

Tel: 020 7753 5998


  • Chairman of Divisional IT Committee
  • Member of SLMS IT Committee

TRANS-INT European Consortium:

  • Executive committee
  • Commercialisation committee
  • Work package Co-ordinator

Research interests

  • Translational research in nanomedicine and cancer: My research is concerned with the translation of fundamental insights from the laboratory into medical therapies and focuses on the use of pharmaceutical nanotechnology, in particular in cancer
  • Mechanisms – Molecules – Materials – Medicines: Based on our understanding of the mechanisms of biological barriers we are modifying molecules such as polymers to tune their supramolecular assembly and create nanosized materials which enable novel medicines
  • Targeting Cancer and Cancer Genes:  Achieving specificity is one of the key aims of our work in cancer. We investigate the mechanism of novel cancer specific compounds, we target conventional therapies using nano-medicines, and we delivery genetically targeted tumour therapies

Teaching interests


  • Course design, team leader and teacher: Curing Cancer Module (4th year)
  • Course design, team leader and teacher: Cancer Module (3rd year)

Qualified Persons Course:

  • Teaching: Cancer

Project supervision:

  • 4th year MPharm
  • MSc Drug Discovery
  • Erasmus project students

Current collaborations and partnerships

  • Nano-enabled peptide pill. IF Uchegbu UCL, J Moger, Exeter, AMTechnlogy, Nanomerics Ltd. We are developing a novel pain therapy avoiding the disadvantages of current opiate drugs
  • New oral nanomedicines: transporting therapeutic macromolecules across the intestinal barrier. TRANS-INT.eu Large European Consortium with 14 partners
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